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Working on every video is a multi-stage process in which the whole team collaborates. Do you want to start working with us and create trendy YouTube videos with the same energy?

Take a look at our projects and the general lines of our work by going to the Our Projects section.


Where we need your help:

  • Thinking of ideas for scenes and thumbnails for our episodes; 
  • On-set help (we might, for example, ask you to cook giant patties for a giant hamburger or help an actress remove cake from her face); 
  • Searching for and buying goods on the Internet (when we need to buy something for filming).

We would like to see the following personal characteristics in our applicants:

  • Creativity and an endless stream of fun, inspired ideas; 
  • The ability to find goods and services we need on the Internet; 
  • The ability to search YouTube, TikTok, and other resources to find cool ideas that we can be inspired by; 
  • Love and dedication in your job; 
  • A friendly, easy-going personality; 
  • A good sense of humor;
  • A sense of responsibility.

A little test to make sure you’re paying attention – in the comment section of your job application, write the code phrase “I want to join Greative Mind”.


What you will receive working with us:

  • The opportunity to start a career in the YouTube business without experience;
  • Interesting and unusual tasks every day; 
  • Work in the creative atmosphere of our studios; 
  • The support of a kind, friendly team; 
  • The opportunity to achieve rapid career and financial growth on the basis of your work.  

What do you think? Leave your application with us and go through with the next steps to find out if we’re a good match! Click the button below!

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Step 1.

Leave a reply by clicking on the button and filling out the feedback form.


Step 2.

Pass the video interview


Step 3.

Start the probation period working in our company!

Yes, it’s that easy! We appreciate everyone who wishes to work with us!!!!

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