Channel RATATA

A project that broke into the YouTube sphere and gained its first million subscribers and views in three months since its release.

Story of our team

About team RATATA




I’ve been working with the team for 2 years now. First, I came on board as the director’s assistant. It was great working in the field, but I started to come up with various ideas how to change and better our videos. In some time I started to try out the role of director, and have been working in this role since! To be a part of our team – it’s cool and it’s inspiring, as everyone’s putting their best foot forward to make our videos more interesting and funnier.



Head of the design department

Somewhere deep in my soul I knew that inside me there’s a designer, but I never would have imagined that I would be in charge of the entire design department! When I first came to work for our company, I started as an actress, then a scene writer and helped come up with thumbnails for our videos. Imagine the feeling when your idea hits 100 million views. After this huge success, I was offered the position of designer!

Career growth with Greative Mind is unprecedented if you can show initiative and can be happy with the company. By the way, I have never worked in a more positive and creative space, which is why I love our collective with everything in me and understand, that I am where I am supposed to be in life. 



Video editor, motion designer

I’ve been with RATATA since the summer of 2020. I came from a different Greative Mind project and was endlessly happy about it! It’s so nice to be working with such bright and exciting material and of course – in such a kind and warm atmosphere. Together with the crew, who film our videos, we create our very own standards of quality that we now match in all our work.

With every month that we perfected our craft, our videos became cooler and cooler! I didn’t notice myself how many new things I learned in the process of my work on my projects for RATATA.

I know there are no limits, there is more work to be done. What inspires me is the thought that I can bring to reality my skills and do quality work that will be appreciated by viewers all over the world!

Channel RATATA

Mix real life stories, surprising plot, and edible art that will knock you right off your feet and you’ve got RATATA BOOM!

Story of our friends

About the RATATA team



Project manager 

I flew in from a modeling contract and decided to try my skills in a different creative sphere. I found a casting call for this YouTube channel and wanted to try acting, but our director saw something in me and decided I would be able to organize the filming process for our fantastic videos. I am genuinely happy to be working here!



Actress, script writer

I’ve been working with RATATA BOOM! as an actress and script writer half a year already.

Since the beginning, I have a position within the company in which I can not only practice my acting, but to make my calling a reality through creative work. Since I was little I have loved coming up with scenes and always knew that I could become an actress and write scripts. In the future, I’d like to try my hand at directing, which I know I will be able to do with our projects! 




I came to the company November of 2020 as a crafter.

My main task – come up with and build large models for filming with my own hands, and come up with the physical look of the location. This work fits me and  because I am an artist and have the proper experience as a decorator visualist.

 I like the style in which we work: bright decorations, versatile tasks – you always have to work on something new and unusual.

It helps a lot in our work that there are always people willing to come to you with help when it’s needed. This kind of atmosphere inspires us everyday to keep going and to keep winning!

Channel Tim Tin

Tim Tin is a project that was able to bring out the very best in our company: huge experience, bravest ideas, and talented people. This project made YouTube superstars out of our actors, gave a huge space for the creative development of our creatives, and gave a powerful boost to the career growth of our whole team. Tim Tin is a project that birthed a whole new direction of content that we all love and create everyday with pleasure!

Story of our friends

About team Tim Tin



Artistic director

I first came to the company as the manager’s helper, but I was offered to try my hand at script writing. I wrote a few scenes for our videos and fell in love with it. But we didn’t stop there! Next, when I got good in my craft helping our manager and scene writer, I was offered the position of head artistic director of a whole project. I couldn’t believe it, but that’s really how it happened! I’ve been working here ever since!

Before, I couldn’t even imagine that I could do something like this, but Greative mind saw the potential in me, when I couldn’t have even guessed!

I wasn’t expecting that in a company I could experience such sweeping growth and that such a real world with real emotions and an interesting world could have opened up right in front of me. But, my company saw my potential, inspiration, and love for work, which is very valuable to the company. I feel like I’m needed here! Right now I genuinely want to work like it’s a holiday and am enjoying every day with the crew!



Main director

I came to the company from TV in 2019. YouTube began to take over the mediasphere with exponential speed, falling into this mysterious environment was an interesting turn in life, but it was far from easy.

Right now in Greative Mind, not even one tenth of people we have today we had when we were just a small collective. Our people had to work on a myriad of different tasks. Each flick put forward a series of new and original tasks, we experimented a lot to bring the vision to life.

Work with Greative meaningfully widened the spectrum of my professional skills. I’ve had many “sleeping,” talents wake up and were made useful: I needed to use my love for metallic sculpting, and electrical skills, I even had my first experience working with our economics.

Of course, my experience working on many diverse projects on TV and my higher education in theater helped, but I wouldn’t have stayed at Greative mind for more than a month if I wasn’t always learning something new, adapting to new conditions of work, and didn’t have to seek new original solutions to tasks.

 I have had the opportunity to work with all of Greative Mind’s channels, and was directly involved in opening several of them. None of them are repeatable and all of them have unique memories for me, united by a common denominator – an excellent team of like-minded people and friends for whom work is a place of creative realization.



Head of design of two projects

Before working for Greative Mind, I tried my hand in many spaces and worked for many companies. Even as a hostess. But there was nowhere where I could use my creative talents and fully realize my potential. I experienced harsh bounds in my work, static thinking, and did not feel like I fit in. It felt like I was going one step forward and two steps back.

I accidentally came across a vacancy notice for a designer on insta, sent a message, and finished the test task for the company. I was very surprised when I was invited to test my skills on a new level! I didn’t only become a part of Greative mind, but also got a chance to grow, learn new things and widen my skillset with the crew. This year I grew to become a lead designer in, at first, one project, and then two! Right now, we are getting ready to film a new project, in which I will also be taking a leadership position.

Creative mind gives a unique chance to grow for creative people and supports you every step of the way.

Now I know that there is no need to sigh and give up! Everyone can achieve their dreams – the important thing is to never stop trying!

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Our team has so many ideas, we just want to go forward, make new channels and master new directions in our creativity! If you have a burning passion to create, if you are exploding with ideas, we’re waiting for you!

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