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  • Japan
  • 1+ year of experience

We need a pastry chef for our beloved YouTube projects who will create astounding treats with love and inspiration!

Millions of people across the planet will see your work! Every day, you will need to cook something unusual: for example, a golden burger, an edible Barbie dress, a giant macaroon, or a doughnut with rhinestones.


Look at examples of our work to better understand what the products we film look like:


Could you do the same, or even better?

Perfect! If you can make any of these sweets, create chocolate sculptures, decorated doughnuts, or unique foods like a golden burger or an edible Barbie dress, bananas decorated with rhinestones: in short, beautifully and brilliantly materializing unique ideas. And if you also receive great satisfaction from your work, let us create new masterpieces together!   

Your daily tasks will include: 

  • Taking orders from our colleagues; 
  • preparing desserts;
  • sending photos for the approval of the external look of the products; 
  • Sending your masterpieces to the studio – handing it to the courier or sending it in a taxi. 

What we require from candidates: 

  • love for your work; 
  • a high level of skill – you need to be able to make any kind of pastry which our scene-writers think of – from chocolate mermaids to a three-layer cake with different characters on it; 
  • Openness and sociability; 
  • Messenger availability on weekdays.

A little test to make sure you’re paying attention – in the comment section of your job application, write the code phrase “I want to join Greative Mind”. 


In turn, we offer:

  • collaboration with a successful international company; 
  • Interesting tasks every day; 
  • timely payment for every task. 

Please be ready to show us your portfolio and chat with us in a video interview.

Would you like to be selected?

We just need you to:


Step 1.

Leave a reply by clicking on the button and filling out the feedback form.


Step 2.

Pass the video interview.


Step 3.

Start the probation period working in our company!

Yes, it’s that easy! We appreciate everyone who wishes to work with us!!!!

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