Be honest, you’ve been waiting patiently from a new project from Greative Mind?

That’s why we can no longer keep this tsunami of a project to ourselves, or our ideas and jokes. So then, we’ll share the news: we’re getting ready to shoot a brand new Ukrainian language based project in Lviv!

Our country is faced with tough times, that has undoubtedly affected each of us, but we’re continuing to be creative, turning our ideas into reality and finding new inspiration. We’re not stopping, we’re driven by creativity and passion and have the best team in the world.

We’re opening this new project in Lviv, that will be out in the Ukrainain language and are already getting together a team that will reach new heights with us. We’re creating something never before seen on YouTube, testing our limits and knowledge, so get ready to be pleasantly surprised and to marvel at our work!

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