Hey! What are these tests for?!


You know what question we’re asked most often, when potential candidates go through our hiring process? Well, these are, “What kind of hiring system do you have?,” “Why so many tests?”

In reality, there’s a lot more questions, but let’s deal with the big picture, how we work, when work will deal with filming, and let’s better familiarize ourselves with our system of test tasks.

If there is a vacancy right now that’s sparking your interest, you can visit its page, read its description, and see the step-by-step hiring process for the vacancy.

Often the first two steps are – an interview and a test task.

The interview is self explanatory – it’s the standard:

We want to talk to you personally and find out your personality, temperament, and get a feel for your energy. This is undoubtedly important.

So why have tests if this person seems like a good fit for us? The fact of the matter is, many of our positions function very specifically, for example, you may need to search the internet for specific items per our request: rare toys, giant decorative items, carnival costumes, curly wigs, that aren’t rough looking or clown like, but flattering ones. Got the idea? Working in this direction takes all day, everyday. This is why we work on making tests specific to each vacancy, where this is imperative. We ask you to immerse yourself in our atmosphere, in which you will have to face these problems head on, if you want to work with us. When a candidate completes our test, we can see how they solve the task, in what time they finish, and how carefully they read and understand the task and our requests. All-in-all, we see, did the person complete the task? If the candidate receives these tasks, and decides that they don’t want to work all day on the tasks that we ask for, then what is the point for this person and our team to hold an interview?

By the way, we don’t give tests for all our vacancies. For example, stylists, prop teams, arrangers, and a few other specialists we don’t ask to go through our testing process, and will hold interviews based on their portfolios.

If we like how you complete these test tasks, we will invite you to join us in a paid test day and will ask you to complete, for payment, to complete other requests that may become a part of your day when you are in a permanent position with us in the case that you become a full-time employee.

In a few of these test days, we, and most importantly – you will definitely figure out if you are interested in continuing a partnership with us.

We genuinely want to give work to those, whose interests align with the project, those, who will start their workday with an excellent mood and will be happy and fulfilled with every completed task, as well as with new work quests.

We will surely continue explaining our system of choosing staff in future blogs. If you have any questions – message us, we’ll answer.

Love you!

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