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  • Before you complete the tests, make sure the camera is facing directly towards you with you in the center, not higher (don’t film your forehead) and not lower (don’t film from your chin).
  • Also make sure that you have good lighting. Your face should be well lit, with no darkness or overexposure. No filters are allowed. Place the camera vertically, it’s best to film on a phone.
  • When you are completing the tests, look into the camera, don’t move your face from the camera, we need to see each one of your emotions.
  • Do all our tasks with maximum emotions, and overstate your reactions.
  • For girls: try to wear your hair in a way that’s pleasing to the eye, bright and flattering clothes are a plus, not baggy or raggedy outfits.
  • For men: a clean shaven face and a neat hair style is a big plus.


  1. Portrait (film closely, from your chest up). Wave at the camera and smile in a friendly fashion, as if you are smiling at someone you really like.
  2. Film your whole height, standing up. Intently look into the camera, as if you are looking at something unknown, and then get scared and scream as if you saw something horrible. Play with exaggerated emotions.
  3. Film your whole height, standing up. Laugh at the camera. (Don’t move your face from the camera, please, and do not close your eyes)
  4. Portrait (film closely, from your chest up). Maximum surprise. Should look comical.
  5. Film your whole height, standing up. Your treat has been stolen right from under your nose! You look at the thief with annoyance, then get very angry. Maximally comical and with exaggerated emotions.
  6. Very important: you can only send one file. This can be a montage video on youtube, montage video, or a file with the videos on Google Drive, or a montaged video, or archive with videos on a file exchanger.



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