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Director’s assistant with own car

  • Japan
  • 1+ year of experience

Attention! This isn’t just a job opening, it’s the beginning of your career in YouTube and the media! We are looking for someone who is prepared to help the director with everything during shooting! For example:

  • Prepare filming locations – put up decorations, create elements of the scenes, help create props; 
  • Be able to find any product or service we need on the Internet; 
  • Help directly on set;
  • Pick up packages with props from the post office, make various (including last-minute) purchases in shops. 

Take a look at the kind of content we create in the section Our projects.


Where we need your help

We help and educate everyone and are ready to take people without experience, but you do need:

  • A proactive and driven spirit, loving solving complicated problems on the fly; 
  • Pragmatic and creative thinking + you should be handy as well;
  • Your own car to be able to get through the city quickly and solve problems that come up 

A little test to make sure you’re paying attention – in the comment section of your job application, write the code phrase “I want to join Greative Mind”. 


In return, we offer:

  • A very interesting and varied job that provides valuable experience and allows you to develop new skills. 
  • The possibility for career growth – would you like to become a director? Work well, learn, and show initiative, and you will certainly have the chance to try this position.

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Would you like to be selected?

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Step 1.

Leave a reply by clicking on the button and filling out the feedback form.


Step 2.

Pass the video interview


Step 3.

Start the probation period working in our company!

Yes, it’s that easy! We appreciate everyone who wishes to work with us!!!!

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